Meet our new blog editors – introducing Amber Beckley and Allison Geerts

Dr. Amber Beckley and PhD Student Allison Geerts recently became the two new editors of this blog. Along with communicator Leila Zoubir who has worked with Socioblog since it’s start in 2017, they will provide the blog with content in the forms of interviews, summaries of own research, comments etc.

Amber Beckley 1
Amber Beckley. Photo: Stockholm University.

Dr. Amber Beckley studies the development of crime and victimization across life. She developed her science communication skills during her postdoc at Duke University where she became a Duke SciComm Fellow.

Why is it important to have a research blog?

It’s important to have a research blog so that we can convey our work to the public. The public funds most of our research and it is our duty to report back to them, says Amber Beckley.

What would you like to contribute with as a new editor?

As editor, I would like to share the wide array of important research going on in the Sociology Department. Sociology often gets a bad rap of being disconnected from the real-world. At Stockholm University, our work is consistently relevant and timely. This blog provides a great platform from which to share our work, says Amber Beckley.

Allison profile
Allison Geerts.

Allison Geerts is a PhD student at the Swedish Institute of Social Research, SOFI and the Department of Sociology. She has an M.Sc in Sociology and Social Research from Utrecht University and took part in the European Doctoral School of Demography in 2016-2017. At Stockholm University, she is part of the GENPARENT project is studying the transition to parenthood and its impact on the division of labor for same-sex couples in the Netherlands using a mixed-methods design

Why is it important to have a research blog?

I think it is important for researchers to disseminate their research not only within the scientific community, but also outside it. The Department of Sociology at Stockholm University is producing interesting findings that are relevant for society at large. I think the research blog is a useful outlet to make those results accessible, says Allison Geerts.

What would you like to contribute with as a new editor?

As an editor, I hope to encourage other researchers to contribute to the blog and highlight both current and past research done at the department.



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